Why Women Need to Exercise

People have now become health conscious and day by day exercises are gaining importance. Poor eating habits and bad lifestyle are common and the result is sickness and ill health. If you wish to keep your body healthy and lose all those unnecessary extra pounds you need to exercise well and maintain a routine. Women especially need to work out more than men because their bodies gain weight very easily. Working out doesn’t mean hitting the gym or following crash diets. A simple exercise routine can make you fit and practicing bodyweight exercises too can work wonders. People who are seriously interested in working out and maintaining a perfect shape would obviously stick to the routine and work for hours together. This is quite important say many fitness experts.

Women especially need to be strict about their bodyweight exercises and they should not be flexible with the schedule. Since women manage many things at home, they tend to get lazy sometimes and that can take a toll on their body. Allocating at least half an hour everyday for a bodyweight routine will help a lot. Initially, these exercises can be tough and the body takes time to adjust to the routine. After a couple of days you will start loving the exercises and you would never want to miss out even a single day. The best part about body weight exercises is that they can be performed indoors and you need not tell the entire world that you are exercising. Once the household chores are done, take a small break and relax your body. Then do some warming up exercises and start your exercise schedule.

Bodyweight exercises for women do not include any heavy weight lifting exercises or strenuous movements. They are very simple and improve the body’s stamina. You wouldn’t need gyms or aerobics classes, equipment and heavy metal weights. It is a cakewalk for women who love to exercise. Before you start exercising, you need to understand your body’s condition first and evaluate how much strain it can take. If you are feeling weak and stressed out then do not think of starting a workout schedule. That will strain your body even more and make you much weaker. If you are healthy and if you feel good, then you can start exercising right away. These exercises get intense as they progress and your body should get accustomed to them.

Planning your bodyweight routine day by day is very important. It makes your routine much easier and you too will have a plan in hand. Always remember to start off your schedule with a few warm up exercises. Never try to push your body straight away into the intense exercises. In the first few days, concentrate only on push-ups and pull-ups and take rest on alternative days. For example, if you work on Monday, then Tuesday should be the resting day. Do this for a week and ensure that your body gets enough rest. Though women put on weight and look healthy, they are very sensitive and their body is easily prone to injuries. That is the reason you need to give breaks in your exercises schedule.

Women need to keep checking their body condition from time to time and see if there are changes. Some women can be very sensitive and they develop muscle and joint aches. In that case, they need to stop the bodyweight exercises immediately and try another alternative. If women are losing their weight and getting into the right shape, then they can continue doing them and pave their way towards fitness.